When we were kids in school the best time of the year is when we went on a field trip.  These trips would allow us to get out of doing our classwork and actually go somewhere that was really fun.  In many cases, there were educational aspects associated with the trip, but these were really glossed over or were only a portion of the overall experience.  One of the main things that we needed to do however, was to gather money for the trip.  Here are some tips for fundraising for your field trip and other school activities.

The bus

The first thing that you need to raise money for is the bus rental scranton.  The bus needs to be large enough to carry all of the students as well as teachers.  In some cases, you will need multiple buses.  To get a good deal on the busses you want to have a large group to travel.

Selling candy

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One of the most popular ways to raise money for the trip is to sell candy.  Selling candy is a great way to spark people’s interest as well as give friends and family a product that they can feel comfortable purchasing.  Since we all love candy in one form or another or know people that will eat candy, selling it for a field trip should be very easy.

Tickets to an event

Another way to make money is to sell tickets to an event in the school.  This can be a play or maybe a social dinner.  When you have these events, you can also sell tickets to raffles and other items that when purchased will generate money for the event.

Making money for your events and trips can be a little challenging, however, when people know that it is for a good cause and for education, they will be more than willing to donate or help with the cause.